CAST & CREW NOTICE!! TODAY & TOMORROW (03/15/14 – 03/16/14)

Dragon Studios
1010 North Stephanie Road, Suite A-11
Henderson, NV
March 15th and 16th, 10AM – 3PM

What do you get when you cross a struggling college student, a diamond thief, a diamond exchange gone wrong, and a touch of romance? Find out in Diamond In The Rough, the short film. Even better, BE PART OF THE CAST AND CREW for Diamond In The Rough!

The script placed as a quarter-finalist in the Richmond International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (Shorts category). In addition to writing the script, I will be producing and directing it as my senior thesis film to complete my BFA in Cinema Production, with the possibility of producing a feature down the road. As it stands right now, this is an unpaid, non-union production, although that may potentially change at some point during the production process. All cast and crew will receive copy, credit, meals, demo reel cut, invitation to the world premiere, and sincere gratitude for their participation in this project. Additionally, my goal is to generate exposure for the cast and crew (and Las Vegas film community) by submitting this film to multiple festivals upon completion, budget permitting.

So, what can you do to be involved?

1 – Please help us build our fan base by liking the Diamond In The Rough FB page.

2 – Please help us achieve our budget by supporting and sharing our KickStarter campaign. We will be launching the campaign in the next few days.

3 – AUDITION!! We are looking for lots of people for this production. All ages, heights, races, builds, looks, etc. are welcome to audition. There are several speaking parts, and lots of roles for non-speaking talent, ranging from tweens to mature adults. So if you are interested and available, please, please, please attend our auditions! Also, even if you are not selected for this production, we have several upcoming films that you may be considered for.

For those of you interested in speaking roles, here are the character briefs:

LEILANI (FEMALE LEAD), early 20s, combines inner and outer beauty. Her long dark hair accents her petite build. Despite the weight of life’s hardships, her effervescent demeanor shines. Leilani is a struggling college student who cares for her younger brother Kean, following the loss of their parents. Things are about to take an odd twist as Leilani unknowingly crosses paths with a diamond thief. There are NO sex scenes or nudity, but the actress who plays Leilani must be willing to kiss the actor who portrays Kane. Also, martial arts experience is HIGHLY PREFERRED for this role. Please prepare a brief choreographed routine and be prepared to perform it at auditions.

KANE (MALE LEAD), mid-20s to mid-30s, is both a good guy and a bad guy. While he could be good, there is something dark and mysterious about him. His handsome features contradict his dark side, while his attractive qualities appeal to Leilani. There are NO sex scenes or nudity, but the actor who plays Kane must be willing to kiss the actress who portrays Leilani.

LEILA (SUPPORTING FEMALE), mid-20s to late-30s, dark and mysterious, is a diamond thief and double-crosser. While this role has few lines, it is VERY prominent in the film. Martial Arts experience is HIGHLY PREFERRED for this role. Please prepare a brief choreographed routine and be prepared to perform it at auditions.

KEAN (MINOR/SUPPORTING MALE), 11-14, has pale skin that betrays his innocent youth, as leukemia fights him from the inside out.

KAYLA (MINOR/SUPPORTING FEMALE), 16 – 20, babysits Kean from time to time. Energetic and sympathetic, she does her best to entertain him and brighten his numbered days.

CHIEF (MARTIAL ARTS) INSTRUCTOR (MINOR ROLE), 35+, Male or Female. Martial Arts experience IS NOT REQUIRED for this role. Ideally, this is an actor who looks tough, but can be gentle and soft-spoken.

POLICE DETECTIVE (MINOR ROLE), 35+, Male or Female. There are few, if any, specifications for this role. The Police Chief could be a burly character who has worked his/her way up through the ranks, a tired-looking character worn down by the stress of the job, or a diplomatic-type with the look of a dignitary.

For those of you interested in joining our crew, please send your resume and demo reel (or link to reel) via Facebook PM, or show up to the auditions in person. Either is fine.

We look forward to seeing you there!