Contemporary Private Investigator series pilot to be shot in and around Las Vegas. SAG-AFTRA and SAG-AFTRA eligible. Non-union talent that fit the role best will be considered under Taft-Hartley. SAG papers pending

    Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Paid. Deferred, film credit, imdb credit

Nathan Stewart
Lead, Male, 30 - 35 yrs
After returning from the war he resigns from the LVPD to run the family Private Investigation business when his father has a heart attack. He has tell-tale signs of his war injury.

Richard Donnelly
Lead, Male, 55 - 70 yrs
Godfather of Nate. Longtime friend of Nate’s dad who has been guiding/ manipulating Nate for years.

Samantha Fletcher
Lead, Female, 27 - 30 yrs
Younger sister of Nathan's lifelong friend Douglas Fletcher who had a crush on Nathan back in school. Now is all grown up and is vice president of a local bank.

Agent Dove
Supporting, Male, 30 - 40 yrs
Somewhat younger than Grogan, Dove has wisdom to manage Grogan and still maintain balance while Grogan takes the acclaim.

Agent Grogan
Supporting, 40 - 45 yrs
Somewhat hotheaded FBI agent

Supporting, Female, 40 - 65 yrs
Co-conspirator with Joe the Dealer

Douglas “Duce” Fletcher
Supporting, Male, 22 - 28 yrs
Nathan’s best friend from school through the service where he is killed. Visits Nate in memories, dreams and visions

Joe the Dealer
Supporting, Male, 40 - 65 yrs
Blackjack dealer

John Culpeper
Supporting, Male, 50 - 60 yrs
Mystery man of many persona formerly of military intelligence.

Kathryn Stewart
Supporting, Female, 55 - 65 yrs
A former showgirl, this wise cracking fireball with Brooklyn smarts is Nathan’s mom.

Lenard “Lenny” Adleresque
Supporting, Male, 50 - 60 yrs
Long time employee and confidant of Nathan Stewart’s dad, former military, now works with Nathan.

Makenna “Kenna” Nani
Supporting, Female, 28 - 33 yrs
High school sweetheart of Nate now estranged. If anybody knows who Nate was before his injury she does.

Stella Torres
Supporting, Female, 40 - 60 yrs
Long time office manager who is the glue that holds the PI business together.

William Stewart
Supporting, Male, 55 - 70 yrs
Nathan’s father and old-school founder of the PI firm. Knows what Vegas is and was.

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