Monday, April 7th from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the UNLV FDH Conference Room.

Director: Michael Brown
Producers: Jenny Egidio, Kelly Schenk & Mariam Anwari

Dark Comedy

Synopsis: A young man is delivered shocking news that sends him into the five stages of grief.

Looking For 3 Roles:

JUSTIN: Male, any ethnicity, age range 18-28
He is a wide-eyed pizza boy whose life is turned upside down

ABBY: Female, any ethnicity, age range 18-28
She is selfish and prone to infidelity

JOE: Male, any ethnicity, age range 18-50
He just wants to have a good time

Please contact Kelly Schenk at schenkk2@unlv.nevada.edu if you are interested in auditioning. Be sure to include which character you would like to audition for so we can send you the proper sides in advance. Cold reads are also welcome. Please bring head shots and resume if possible.

**This is NON SAG and there is NO PAY***

Let Craze know if booked thanks!