Onyx Theatre
    953 East Sahara Ave, Suite 16B, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

The Onyx Theatre is hosting auditions for several Off-Strip Productions and Asylum Theatre shows on Wednesday, January 7 and Thursday, January 8, from 6-8 pm each night.

Auditions are open to all. A contemporary monologue is suggested, but sides will be available as well. We will also be using this audition to consider future productions as well, so show your face!

For more information or to submit video auditions, contact troy@onyxtheatre.com or sarah@asylumtheatre.org.

TITLE TBD - Directed by Troy Heard
February 19 - March 7

THE FOOD CHAIN - Directed by Sarah O'Connell
March 19 - April 4
A darkly hysterical farce about obsessions.
OTTO WOODNICK - Mid-thirties. Hugely overweight. Otto is flamboyant, Jewish, insecure in the extreme and full of rage. He is a verbal tornado, quite out of control.
SERGE STUBIN - Thirty. Serge is a sexual being, and as a runway model, he must be good-looking, although it is possible that he is less attractive than his confidence would indicate. Although intellectually out of his league with Amanda, Serge is far from stupid.
AMANDA DOLOR - Early thirties. A very attractive, high-strung intellectual. She is mercurial and has a terrific verbal capacity. It is important that she be very thin.
FORD DOLOR - Mid-thirties. A strikingly handsome man, Ford is a filmmaker and a man of ideas, not words.

RECKONING – Staged Reading, Sunday Feb 8th @ 7pm
“Reckoning” is the story of three generations of travellers (Irish gypsies) – matriarch Mae Deacon, daughter Carrie and Carrie’s daughter Vivian. When Carrie’s 16-year old niece Jessica announces her impending marriage and asks Mae to make the wedding dress, unexpected turmoil enters the Deacon’s quiet life. Together, Mae, Carrie and Vivian are forced to face a past that haunts them – and avenge a grave transgression that was committed against their family.
CARRIE Deacon - a traveller (Irish gypsy)
MAE Deacon - 72, her mother
PAULINE O’Neill - 49, Carrie’s sister, Mae’s daughter
JESSICA O’Neill - 16, Pauline’s daughter
VIVIAN Deacon – 9, Carrie’s daughter
TOMMY Barrett - 26, Carrie’s boyfriend
BILL Conner - 37, Carrie’s ex-husband
VEILS – Full production, June 5-21
Intisar, a veiled African-American Muslim student, thought she might finally fit in when she enrolled for a year abroad at the American Egyptian University in Cairo. Samar, her Egyptian, non-veiled roommate, enlists Intisar’s help in creating an internet blog about the controversial practice of wearing veils..or not and hopefully helping to bridge the gap between the West and the Middle-East. They and their project, however, are overtaken and in danger of being overwhelmed by events leading up to and including the beginnings of the recent Egyptian revolution. In struggling with events such as a university ban on wearing burkas, an anti-American protest/riot, and Samar’s arrest and forced virginity test, Intisar and Samar are surprised to find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter cultural divide. It is a play about faith, women’s rights, revolution, and above all, is friendship and under- standing possible between people from two such very different cultures.
INSITAR: 20’s, African-American
SAMAR: 20’s, Middle Eastern

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