*Actors needed for Student Film.* Unpaid. Talent will be provided with Canon C100 footage to use for their acting reels.

Saturday (10/18) 11AM - 6PM

If this day does not work for you please send an e-mail to IAFTauditions@gmail.com and we will schedule a specific time that is more convenient.

Prefer a one minute monologue to be prepared but not required.

Sides will be provided at audition location.

Character descriptions:

Male / 40-55

Can switch from warm and helpful to intimidating and unsettling in seconds. Otherworldly. Malevolent. Gives off the impression he is omniscient. A mysterious background, possibly involving murder and bizarre fetishes.

Female / 25-35

Athletic and attractive. Confident but arrogant, she is moving back to her small hometown after failing to become a successful actress in Los Angeles. She is the dominant one in all of her relationships, both with men and women, sometimes aggressively but also in a protective “big-sister” way.

Contact IAFTauditions@gmail.com with any questions. PLEASE send an email confirming you are coming to audition with a rough time estimate of when.

International Academy of Film and Television
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