This is all the info. Craze has let us know if booked thanks!

Casting notice:
Casting the SAG New Media series “51 Pickup”, a contemporary Private Eye series to be shot in and around Las Vegas.
Planned production dates are January 6th though 14th 2014

Film credit, differed pay, possible points, credit per IMDB, portions or production will be released for talent’s reel pre producer’s discretion.

Casting Location:
Jewel Box Theatre at the
Clark County Library
1401 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Monday November 24th 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Tuesday November 25th 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Email Contact: Casting Director for your time slot.

Jorina King Casting Director

Roles to be cast:

Nathan Stewart age 32
After returning from Iraq he resigns from the LVPD to run the family Private Investigation business when his father William is incapacitated. Nate has telltale signs of his war injury.

Samantha Fletcher Age 28
Younger sister of Nate’s lifelong friend Doug Fletcher. Samantha had a schoolgirl crush on Nate back in the day. She is vice president of a local bank.

Lenard “Lenny” Adleresque Age 55-60
Long time employee and confidant of Nate Stewart’s dad, former military and now works with Nate

Richard Donnelly Age 60-70
Godfather to Nate. Longtime frienemy of Nate’s dad who has been guiding/ manipulating Nate for years

Makenna “Kenna” Nani Age 30-32
High school sweetheart of Nate now estranged. Knows who Nate was before his injury.

Agent Grogan Age 40-45
Hotheaded Lead FBI agent investigating bank fraud involving Samantha Fletcher

AgentDove Age 30-35
Younger than Grogan, Dove has wisdom to manage Grogan and still maintain balance while Grogan takes the acclaim.

Joe the Dealer Age 30-50
Blackjack dealer involved in scheme to launder “old money”

Doris the Moll Age 30-50
Co-conspirator with Joe the Dealer