Looking for paid extras for the movie, "John Carter of Mars."

pay is 101.50 a day.

This movie will be shooting in Wahweap, Utah (lake Powell), you will be required to go to wardrobe fittings in Page, Arizona between April 19-23 for one day (you will be paid for the day you travel for fittings too.)

No gas money just the day rate.

You do not have to live in Southern Utah to do the show but it will be on your own dime for travel and hotels.

They are looking for good looking, dark haired, tan people ages 18-35 yrs old Male and Female. They need people who have flexible schedules. You will need to be able to work on Monday, April 26, 2010 and Monday, May 3, 2010. Both shoots will be near wahweap (Lake Powell). YOU MUST WORK BOTH DAYS!!

If you are interested, Craze Agency can submit a photo of you to Casting. The photo  needs to be a 1/2 body shot that was taken in the last 3 weeks of you and it must show your body enough that they can see your in shape.

Suggestions would be men shirt off, women should be in something that they can see that your in shape. Also include your height weight and sizes with your contact info.

Send your info. to crazeagency@sisna.com or bookings@crazeagency.com and we will submit you.
We need your submission by Wednesday, April 14, 5:00pm.
Craze Agency