Auditions for Local Independent Film (Nampa Idaho)

Open Auditions for Project XIII a Sci-Fi/zombie movie shooting this summer, are being held Saturday, April 24 from 1:00pm- 7:00pm.

They have quite a few speaking parts to fill as well as extras.

If you want to sign up for an audition time and get directions, or need more information, please email or call (208) 936-8135

In the email please include:
    your first and last name
    part or parts youre interested in auditioning for
    time you can audition on saturday
    resume and headshot

Here are the speaking roles they need to fill:

(ages are estimates...not requirements)

Survivors (plus ned)

Nick Anderson- (age 18-25) Is a Political Science Major and champion debater. he is a little cocky and very intelligent. He is immune to the disease as shown early on and quickly sympathizes with the “zombies” which causes some problems later on when he refuses to shoot them. He is the brother of Derek and the love interest of Ellie.

Derek Anderson- (age 16-20) Derek is Nick’s brother. he is obsessed with video games, especially zombie video games. the outbreak is almost like a dream come true to him. he becomes a powerful asset when the group finds out he can actually communicate with the zombies. he is also a surprisingly accurate shot.

Ned/Dr. Fox- (age 30 or above) Ned is the friendly zombie that accompanies the group. he was originally Dr. Fox, the scientist working on the serum and was forced to become the test subject. he was the first zombie, but still has conscious control of his actions and doesn’t eat people.

Ellie Whitmore- (age 18-25) Ellie is a biology major and Nick’s Debate partner. She is also the love interest of Nick. Her father Dr. James Whitmore is one of the scientists that was working on the serum “project X” she is very intelligent and relies on logic rather than firepower to stay alive.

Carmen Fox-(age 18-25) Carmen is a young runaway. fortunately for her, the zombies came shortly after she went looking for her missing father so she was able to miss the first wave which devistated her town. She meets up with the group after she saves Ellie from a hoard of Zombies. She originally appears with new found companions Mike and Theo.

Penny- (age 9-13) Penny Is found with a group of pre-teen bandits that attempt to rob the boys. After Ned scares the rest of the bandits off, Penny is left to die and of course Nick and Derek offer their companionship

Mike Wood- (age 20-30) Mike is found accompanying Carmen. They are romantically involved. upon the first encounter with a group of zombies Mike is bitten and asks Carmen to shoot him so he doesnt transform.

Theodore “Theo” Robson- (age 18-30) Theo is also accompanying Carmen and Mike. He has become mentally unstable due to the outbreak. the only thing keeping him from snapping is his friendship with mike. after mike is shot he disjoins the group and later re-appears wanting to kill them.

The Boss- (age 10-14) The boss is the leader of the young bandits that attempt to rob the boys.

Lou- (age 8-12) One of the bandits that attempts to rob the boys

Sparkplug- (age 10-14) another bandit that attempts to rob the boys.

Doctors, Scientists and Politicians

Dr. James Whitmore- (age 30 or above) The lead scientist on project x. he is also Ellie’s father. He is the lapdog of General Masterson and does everything the General tells him.

General Masterson- A General of the United States Military. He works at the pentagon and was put in charge of the Micro-Managed Project X. It is due to his stubbornness that the virus spreads.

Dr. Croft- (age early 20s or above gender nuteral) The boys meet Doctor Croft when they hear a radio broadcast advertising a refugee camp and clinic. after he/she finds out about the Boys’ immunity he/she attempts to kill them and use their blood to formulate a cure

Ben Nelson- (age 21-30) A med student that works for Dr. Croft. He helps the group escape from croft’s facility.

Dr. Samantha Anderson- (age 30 or above) Nick and Derek’s mother went to the Boise refugee camp to help survivors and attempt to make a cure

Parker- A Debate Competitor

Chloe- A Debate Competitor

Guard #1-(any age) one of croft’s military guards

Guard #2-(any age) one of croft’s military guards

Guard #3- (any age) one of croft’s military guards

Corporal Billings-(any age) one of Masterson’s bodyguards

Extras- there will be extra doctors and military men about 10 total 

They  also need Zombies and Non-zombie extras
If you are interested send them your info.
Craze Agency