Jeffrey is a Craze Talent and very good at what he does. Let us know if you get involved!!

I am working on a new webseries and we need help for one of our first videos. My last web-series was very popular and I expect this one to be much bigger. For our first video we are doing a Giving Mob. It's like a flash mob, but instead of doing a crazy dance, people will be giving a bunch of gifts to a lady in serious need. She thinks a friend is bringing some people to pray for her, but actually we will have a whole bunch of strangers who are going to shower her with much needed food, toiletries, and more. She was hospitalized by her ex husband, survived breast cancer, has been homeless, and is raising her two daughters and granddaughter.

I can promise an IMDB credit for any of your talent who participate. I just need them to email me asap. My previous web-series was given a TV show title on IMDB, without even asking. This is happening this Sunday (16th) at 1pm right around the corner from BSU. This should only take about 30 minutes. We want want this video to go viral, as to inspire others. If the talent can't provide the stuff to give this women, we can provide that. We just need as many bodies as possible.  This will be quick and fun.

Thank you,
Jeffrey Paul Agosta