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Salvation Song

When a local musician’s attitude gets him kicked out of the band he created, a familiar stranger steps in to show him the error of his ways before he is alienated for good.

Filming is slated to start late April-early May in Pocatello and Idaho Falls.  Auditions will be held at the Pond Student Union Building on Idaho State University campus in the Selway Room on March 29th from 9am-6pm.  If you are unable to make it during that time but would still like to audition, email us and we can make arrangements.  Please email for the character you wish to audition for and the time you would like to audition at.  Compensation is copy and credit.

The list of characters are:

Billy Mulligan-(50-65 any ethnicity) An old musician that takes it upon himself to help Jimmy with an attitude adjustment.

Ellen Lane-(25-35 any ethnicity) A music store clerk that reemerges in Jimmy’s life after she disappeared following a short romantic stint.  Punk rocker chick.

Reva Lane-(5-7 any ethnicity) Ellen’s daughter.

Max “Fish” Fishman-(25-35 any ethnicity) The band’s lead guitarist.  The one that made the decision to kick Jimmy out of the band.  Doesn’t realize that his guitar playing is on the decline.  No music experience required.

Dave “Sledge” Hammer-(25-35 any ethnicity)-The band’s drummer.  Reluctantly let Fish kick Jimmy out.  No music experience required.

Scott “Mac” McCoy- (25-35 any ethnicity)-The band’s bassist.  Like Sledge, he reluctantly stood by and watched his lead singer get kicked out of the band.  No music experience required.

Doug Frye-(25-35 any ethnicity)-Fish’s handpicked replacement for Jimmy.  Has a run in with his predecessor that eventually puts Jimmy over the deep end.

Jessica Jones-(21-35 any ethnicity)-Ellen’s roommate and co-worker at the music store.

Howard Dixon-(40-55 any ethnicity)-Record company executive.  A real business casual guy.

Harley-(25-35 any ethnicity)-Concert and party goer.  Attractive and flirty.  A good girl who wants to be bad by sexually giving herself to Jimmy.  Must be okay with acting in a sexual situation.

Lucas-(30-35 any ethnicity)-Homeowner and host of the concert after parties.  Doesn’t care about much, like being walked in on while having sex.  Must be okay with acting in a sexual situation.

Nick-(21-30 any ethnicity)-Concert goer and huge fan of Jimmy Thomson and his band, X Rated.  Loves to randomly film things on a camera phone.

Laura-(21-30 any ethnicity)-Fish’s girlfriend.


We will also be in need of several extras.  If you are not cast here then we hope you will consider being an extra in party and/or concert scenes.  Hope to see you there!