Huge LA Production company is coming to shoot a reality series in Idaho for the next few months.

We will need extras for each episode and therefore each shoot.  So far the closest shoot i know details for is April 14th or at least sometime that week.  So far I think we will need approximately 6 - 8 men, ages 35 - 60 to play outfitter clients.  We will be in the Garden Valley and/or Emmett area, both are about an hour outside of Boise.

We will pay  $75 dollars for up to an 8 hour day.  If they are utilized for more than 8 hours then they would receive a bump of $20.00. for $90.00 total.
  The clock starts from their call time and does not include their travel time to and from the location.

If you are interested in being submitted email us at
3-Put  Emmett in email header

We will submit you thanks!