This is a nice article from Idaho director Greg Greeen who did Three of a Kind!

This could really stimulate Idaho economy, It has worked in UTAH AND NEW MEXICO!

We will be getting more info. soon but please contact your 2013 Senate and House of  Representatives and tell them you want film incentives in Idaho comparable to Utah!!!
Below are the current incentives which currently remain unfunded

Sawtooth Mountains


Idaho Media Production Rebate

Idaho's media production rebate remains unfunded due to state budget deficits. (September, 2012). It will sunset in 2014 unless the filmmaker community finds support in the legislature.

The program provides a 20% rebate for qualifying productions on all goods and services purchased in Idaho if at least $200,000 is spent in the state and at least 20% of crew are Idaho residents (will slide up to 30% over time). Capped at $500,000 per production, the program includes feature films, television pilots and episodes, documentaries and commercials. Qualifying criteria and rules as well as the application will be posted on this site upon implementation.

Sales Tax Rebate On Goods

Idaho has a rebate of the 6% sales tax on tangible personal property (which excludes consumables such as food) when $200,000 is spent on a wide variety of qualifying expenses.

Thanks for your support!!
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