This is all the info. Craze has let us know if booked thanks!

We’re looking for one male (25-35), one female (20-25) and one male (20-25) to act in a holiday comedy sketch. Auditions will be held on Monday, December 8th from 2:00 – 5:00 PM in the Foote Room inside the Student Union Building on the Boise State University Campus, located at 1700 University Drive, Boise, ID. Shooting will take place on December 20th. The roles are unpaid.


LEADER, Male, (25 - 35) - As the leader of the group, he is someone who has a strong presence. He’s in his mid-twenties but carries himself with authority. He is dressed in formal business attire. The Leader has a strong voice to take control of the meeting and his primary goal is to get the meeting over with as efficiently as possible.

VALENTINE, Female, (20 - 25) - She’s a spunky and sexy young lady who loves the attention of anyone around her. She’s always loved the colors pink and red and her sexy attire demonstrates this. She uses her looks to her advantage and isn’t one to put too much effort into any real work, because that’s ‘ew.’

EASTER, Male, (20 - 25) - He’s always been a spur of the moment type guy. He’s surprised he’s made it this far in his career, because he’s put in minimal effort. Although he is a lazy guy, people still like him. He has a laid back personality and in the world of business, people are drawn to his naturalism. He came into this meeting with minimal preparedness and plans to improvise his way through it.

If interested in auditioning for one of the above roles, please send an email to stating which role you would like to audition for to recieve sides. Include a headshot and resume if available.