Please let Craze know if cast thanks!

Casting: Hello Boise Performers!! My name is Kyle Daniel Barrow (Director, HomeGrown Theatre's Every Man Shift (for all the rest), Horrific Puppet Affair II; Cancer Caper, DIRT, Polaroid Stories)
 I am directing a play with Green Zoo Theater starting next month. We don't have a rehearsal schedule yet (looking at the last weeks of February and the first two weeks of March) but tech will be March 14 & 15 and performances will be March 19-21 at The Crazy Horse and 26-28 TBD.
Its a short run, a short rehearsal process and we will be performing at two different venues so I need folks who can think on their feet. The play is an original script by Thomas Newby (Toast) called Child Killers. The story takes place in a waiting room in The Cosmic Other and the characters are Abraham (of the old testament), Medea (of the Greek Tragedy), Andrea Yates (convicted of drowning her five children in 2001) Dave (their customer service representative) Chimalli (an Aztec chieftain) and an unseen interviewer named Phil (with a direct line to "God" via pneumatic tubes). As you can guess it is a very dark comedy about belief, faith and sacrifice. Let me know if you are available or interested and we can talk further. Casting will be based greatly on availability. All members of the company will receive a percentage of admissions. Yes, I am looking for trained performers, preferably BA in performance or the equivalent of experience. If interested email
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