Craze was referred to this project by a good client!

This is a short episodic adventure and we will definitely be shooting the whole first season. If the business connected with it succeeds, we will have a second season and hopefully more. 

They can submit through with a headshot , resume and if they have any previous work. Then we can schedule an audition.

Please let Craze know if booked thanks!


It revolves around a girl using a book to travel into different fantasy realms to rescue her brother, while a villain is using evil characters to get the book back. 


Here’s the breakdowns for the characters we still need:

TOC (In 13 of 13 episodes)

Male: 18-45. 

Any race, hair color, eye color, build.

Brief Traits: Theatrical, crazy, whimsical, Jester.

He’s basically the fairy god mother who helps our main character along the way. Being trapped in the book for so long caused him to have split personalities, so half of his face is white and the other is black. His name stands for Table of Contents. 

THE HUNTSMAN (In 12 of 13 episodes)

Male: 18-40.

Caucasian, dirty blonde or black hair, lean or muscular. 

Brief Traits: Hardcore, Rough, Tough, Loner, Intense, Ranger. 

He’s the character from the Snow White stories brought into this world and altered slightly. He carries two axes, is an expert tracker, and has a strange fascination for Snow White. He teams up with Drake and becomes a main role in Season 2. 

SHADOW (In 9 of 13 episodes)

Male: 25-50

Any race, hair color, eye color. Lean or muscular. 

Brief Traits: Hardcore, Evil, Cruel, Intense, Emotionless, Killer.

He’s slightly like the Huntsman in his style, but he is far from him in demeanor. He’s evil and cruel, yet has no emotion. He follows orders like a soldier and cares for nothing. 

DRAKE (In 4 of 13 episodes)

Male: 18-30

Prefer caucasian, Dark hair, lean / Muscular. 

Brief Traits: Rough, tough, hero, high sense justice, good guy. 

He’s our main characters brother that she has to save. He saved his sister when they were young and has been living in the woods ever since. He got connected with the villain and got in over his head. He teams up with the Huntsman and becomes a main role in Season 2. 

VADER (In 8 of 13 episodes)

Male: 18-45

Any race, hair color, lean / muscular. (You will have a mask)

Yes, this is Darth Vader taken out of the book/movie and brought to Earth. He’s evil, but has some quirky eccentricities.