Idaho-America's Got Talent is all ages and group sizes!!

As always let us know if they are interested. We will negotiate thanks!
My name is Johanna and I'm a Casting Producer with the NBC show America's Got Talent.   I was hoping you can help me spread the word out to your talented performers and community. We are starting open call auditions nation wide in late January and this year we'll be coming to Boise!!!!
A lot of people have NO idea that we are already auditioning for Season 10, so we are reaching out to your community and wanted to invite everyone to come audition and get a chance to live their dream. You never know where and what amazing talents can be discovered on our show. If you personally know of anyone talented or have any questions, feel free to call me to the number below.  

America's Got Talent is looking for exciting and entertaining acts of all ages and group sizes for Season 10! We will be in Boise, ID on February 10th.
and would love to see your community represented!

Our show is about uplifting family and community through entertainment, and that only happens when we can get help from the communities and the families!
WHATEVER YOU CAN DO will be appreciated...  
(Post on Facebook, email to everyone, hang our Flyer in a common area...anything helps!)

Interested in AUDITIONING?  PRE-REGISTER today:

We really appreciate your support!