As many of you have witnessed the Craze Agency has booked hundreds of our talent over the last few months. This is a fantastic thing but can also sometimes create a problem so please read the entire email so that you may understand how payment works.

Some national and even local Clients that you work for take their sweet time to pay you and us, even when we bill them with a 30-day voucher. The models and actors who have been represented by us for years have noticed some clients pay almost immediately and some take a very long time.

Often the reason why it takes a while for all of us to get paid is that the specific client that pays you the talent, has to first bill one, two or three other clients (usually the Main company or producer, then the Photographer, then the ad agency or the casting company etc.) for them to get paid. Many times each of those clients are on a 30-day voucher. Unfortunately it is the agency and talent that are paid last; it has always been that way. This is why sometimes it takes 30-120 days to get paid.

Please rest assured; you will be paid as soon as we do!!! 

We have always and will always pay you as soon as the check clears our bank account! You will receive an email stating when you can receive your check the date it clears.

We just do not have time to constantly field questions about payment and become very wary of talent that continue to call asking when they will be paid. We do not know until we receive it. It is out of our control, we are not the ones hiring or paying you to do the job. We are promoting you and negotiating the rates on your behalf.

We do promise to do everything we can to help you get paid in a timely manner.  Also please remember you will usually  work for each client as an Independent contractor, your are not an employee of  the client or Craze. We work as your agent trying to find and negotiate offers on your behalf.

If you cannot work under their system please do not accept the job. Often Major Films and SAG projects do not take more than 30 days. We hate having to wait as bad as you do (we all have bills to pay). We do everything in our power to collect ASAP, but in the 10 years we have been booking talent it has always been this way and will probably never change with the some of the companies that hire talent. The clients know they get a lot of people work so if we harass them too much they will just use someone else so you or Craze will not have the opportunity to work with them again. If after working with a client we find out they continually take way to long to pay we will usually stop working with them unless they are really big contracts. When we do Government jobs they sometimes take 3-6 months to pay.

Watch your emails, we will email you notification when we receive your check and it has cleared! When the client pays you directly you are responsible to pay Craze 10% of the Gross amount (highest) on extra work under $100 per day and 15% of the Gross on everything else. Please send it to Craze immediately when the check clears your bank. We will not bug you about it so please pay it so we can continue to promote you. We cannot afford to promote anyone and will take you off out talent list if we do not receive our commission.

To help insure payment when you are booked on jobs please remember to bring appropriate ID and fill out all forms legibly if you are asked to. Keep track of the dates you work, the name of the client and what the job was just in case. Make sure you understand what you are signing. Do not ever sign contracts unless the agency has notified you to do so and knows what are signing!!!!

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to assist you in your talent endeavors!

Craze Agency