Congratulations to all Craze Talent who worked as Extras on the feature films, Den Brother, 127 hours or any of the other projects you have been paid directly on.
Your hard work and dedication will continue to show out of state clients and productions how great of a film and talent community we have, and entice them to shoot more of these projects here and create more opportunities for you!!
These projects are now paying!!
This is a friendly reminder that your Commissions are due within 7 days of receiving your check. 10% of the Gross before taxes are due on all Extra work where compensation is less than $100. Anything over is 15%. Any Acting, Modeling, Dancing, Promotional Modeling, etc. is 15%.
We will be receiving lists of Talent who have worked and on what days. If we do not receive your Commission in a timely manner we will be forced to remove you from the active Craze Agency Database. We do not want this to happen so make sure you take care of this when you are paid.
Normally it can take 2-5 weeks to get paid from the date(s) you worked. Let us know if have not been paid.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!
Craze Agents