Hey everyone! It is down to the wire with Raleigh Studios! The legislature on Capitol Hill has heard our voice and they have finally agreed to enter the fray. They have put the pressure on the Summit County Council to reach a decision by the end of the month.

We have received very positive feedback. Now it's up to a few specific people to understand just how many lives/jobs that having this studio will impact.

We only have a few weeks left to impact this decision. If you want the studio here, then get involved in the simplest and most effective way you can!

Please individually email ASAP the following people asking them to support the Raleigh Studios at Quinn's Junction.  (The more people who email them, the better):  Make sure that you email each person separately; do not bunch them all into one email and send one message.  Send the same message to each person individually.  These individual emails carry far more impact than bulk emails.

Please keep your email short and polite, but firm.  Limit your message to 5-6 sentences max.  The shorter emails have had more impact than longer emails.  The ones that carry the most weight are the ones that say "We have to have this studio."  Be sure to sign your email by at least stating your job.  And remember, you don't have to be a filmmaker for this to impact your work.  This studio will increase work and business for all local businesses!

And, just so you know who these people are, this is a list of the Summit County Council.  The Utah legislature has stepped in and put the pressure on these individuals to resolve the debate by the end of the month.  Let's show these guys just how many people/jobs would be affected by the presence of Raleigh Studios Park City and the work they would bring in!

We have until the end of October 2011 (this month) to email the Summit County Council.  Please send one or two emails a week through the end of the month to have a positive result.  And remember, please keep your emails short and polite, but firm in what you want.

 Claudia McMullin cmcmullin@summitcounty.org

 Chris Robinson cfrobinson@summitcounty.org

 John Hanrahan jhanrahan@summitcounty.org

 Sandy Elliot selliott@summitcounty.org

 David Ure dure@summitcounty.org

 Robert Jasper countymanager@co.summit.ut.us

 Steve Martin smartin@summitcounty.org

 Carla Richins cdrichins@summitcounty.org

 David Brickey dbrickey@summitcounty.org

 Kent Jones kentjones@summitcounty.org

 Bill Vander Linden bvanderlinden@summitcounty.org

 Kathy Peck kpeck@summitcounty.org