Demo Program Event Details

Program Name: Albertson's- Fiber Plus


Increase brand awareness as well as hand out free samples to consumers of Fiber Plus Cereal.

Objectives and Goals:

·         Increase brand awareness and sales

·         Communicate brand messaging to each consumer that passes by

·         Provide consumers with a great experience

·         Recap results and take photos

Date and time:

Saturday, August 6 – 10:30am- 4:30pm

Dress Code:

White button up shirt, black pants (no jeans), black closed toe shoes (Will have to wear hairnet if talent does not have plain black hat – get from Store Manager)


·         Day of: All agency staff must check in that you are at the store executing. For all Saturday events we would like confirmation by 11:00am

·         Upon arrival, staff must check  in with Store Manager/Director, or if not available another manager (first and last name must be taken)

·         Staff should ask Store Manager for the event kit (Blue and brown box for 1st event, brown box only for 2nd event) 


All staff will just need to review the manual.


Tooele, Utah

Elko, Nevada

Pay Rate:


If you are interested and fit the criteria, email with your:



               Locations you are interested in working (you can work multiple dates).

        If selected, we will contact you with additional info.

        We need your submission by Monday, August 1 at 11:00am

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