Mika Ishikawa (prod.) is casting Homecoming, a HD 3D animated drama/love story short, that will be the first 10 minutes of a planned feature film.
The short will be made publicly available as widely as possible in order to create buzz and secure funding for the full feature film. Animation will be done using performance capture; the 3D character's appearance will be based on the appearance of the actor/actress.
Preparative rehearsals will be held by video conference June/July 2010; one-week session of rehearsals, reference video/still shoot, and performance capture late July/early Aug. in Tokyo/Nagoya, Japan.

Jade: mid-20s, brown hair, beautiful but insecure writer/literature student, role requires fluent English without a strong accent, no nudity but muscle/movement video reference, 3D model, and texture reference for 3D production team will be shot with minimal clothing, LEAD. Note: If the film secures funding for the feature, the same actors/actresses will be used if possible.

Auditions will be held by video conference, May 21 & 22. To be considered, email pix & résumés and video clip links (if available) to cast@forcestone.com.
Deadline to submit is May 14. No phone calls. Actors will have the right to use a DV version of the film on their websites. No pay, but credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided.
Craze Agency