Auditions will be held for, "Then I Shall Reign Supreme!" a family friendly short film with big laughs.
Auditions will be held in Orem, Utah on Tuesday, May 4 and Wednesday, May 5 from 4:00pm- 9:30pm in Orem, Utah.
Auditions will be at:
898 N. 1200 W.
Room #209
Orem, Utah
Any children who audition will need to have a parent or guardian present at both the auditions and for the shoot if selected.

Then I Shall Reign Supreme!, is a family friendly short film about a young man who likes to imagine that he is a prince in a medieval fantasy despite the fact that this adversely affects his relationships with friends and family, with hilarious results.


Character Breakdown


The Hero – A young medieval prince. 22-30 years old.

The Villain – A treacherous evildoer. 22-30 years old.

The Fair Maiden – A fair maiden in distress. 18-28 years old.

Robby – A young boy with an overactive imagination. 8-11 years old.

Mikey – Robby’s best friend. 8-11 years old.

Janey – Mikey’s little sister. 7-10 years old.

Mother/Old Crone – Robby’s mother and the way that he imagines her. 35-45 years old.

Those with athletic abilities or dance experience are especially encouraged to audition for "The Hero" or "The Villain." Actors who have experience riding horses will receive special consideration if auditioning for "The Fair Maiden" and "The Hero."
** NOTE- The scenes for the adults will be shot in Oregon, but travel, food and housing accommodations will be covered by the production. If you cannot commit to traveling DO NOT AUDITION.
Kids do not need to travel. Those scenes involving the kids will be shot in Provo or Orem, Utah.**
As the movie will be shot on a low budget, they cannot afford financial compensation, but everyone involved will be given IMDB credit (Internet Movie Database) as well as a copy of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray. The project will also be entered into Film Festivals across the world, so this will be an excellent opportunity for actors to showcase their talents to a broad range of audiences.
If you are interested, you will need to schedule and audition time. Email Joseph Nelson at your Name, Age, Contact info., Date you would like to audition, and Role.
You can mail or for sides/scripts. DO NOT EMAIL US FOR AN AUDITION TIME.
Auditions may be available to the adult Actors in Boise ONLY!! if there is a significant interest.
For adult talent in Idaho, we will let you know about potential auditions held in your area. In the meantime, send an email to or  with your:
    Role you are interested in
Craze Agency