The serious Actors, Film, T.V. and Commercial workshop details.

Troy Lee is the direct contact with all of the Major Casting directors Craze works with. He has been in the talent business for over 28 years and has worked with Agencies and Casting directors all over the United States. He has been involved in 1000’s of auditions and will teach you the tricks of the trade that will put you ahead of your competition.

Troy has personally worked with hundreds of Actors over the years that have landed major Speaking Roles in the largest films in our area.

Troy will teach the workshop specifically on each persons ability regardless of your experience.

The ACTORS seminar will be Wednesday, August 1st  from 4:00 pm- 6pm at the Craze Sandy office.

All ages but parent needs to also be there if kids are 12 and under

The cost for this seminar is just $35. Space is limited, please call the office at 801-438-0067 to reserve your spot.