Thanks to all of you that have previously followed all of the directions below it has already helped us immensely to promote each of you!

 If you have updated your profile IN THE DATEABASE and it is current you do not have to read any further unless you would like to HAVE YOUR OWN WEBPAGE WITH YOUR PHOTOS AND RESUME on the  website which we highly, highly recommend, thousands of clients see our website!

 If you are newer to Craze Agency or have not yet followed the steps below please do not wait any longer!!!!   If you do not follow these steps you probably will not get work and will eventually be taken off the agency list (we do not want this to happen.)

In the past we have been asked a lot of questions on this post, most of them can be answered below so please read everything carefully.

 Please make a copy of this for your future reference! The first part pertains to the database the last part the website, they are totally different!!!!!!!!!

 This is often how our clients choose who goes on AUDITIONS AND BOOKS JOBS! We have created an amazing database system that will allow us to generate and send out a very detailed list about our models, actors and extras to our hiring clients. You must go into our website and fill out as much of the information that it asks for. Here are a few examples of the thousands of ways this will help all of us to increase your bookings and auditions.

 If a client is looking for an Male Asian experienced actor age 40-55 5'10"- 6'0" or if the client is looking for a Female Model 5'8" to 5'9" age 16-19 size 4-5 with Blonde hair and Blue eyes with runway experience it will pull up a detailed list of all the people in the agency that exactly meet this criteria. This will also pull up an individual list of Extras or Models, Actors, Females, Children, Caucasians, etc. The client can also see photos of you and also see your updated resume in our database.

We asked our clients what we could do to help them book you more and this is what they want.  If you do not input the information requested you will never show up on the searches and this will dramatically hurt or eliminate your chances. We are the leader in this detailed technology.

This database does not cost you anything!

Please remember to read the entire email so that you will not be confused about the difference between the database and website!

 Go to at the top left side of the page you will insert your user name. Your user name will be your first name with the first letter capitalized and then your last name no spaces in between your names with the first letter in your last name capitalized.  Some examples would be Steve Smith username is  SteveSmith  If your first and last name name is over 15 letters it will cut if off at 15 letters. Example ChanceFuersting instead of ChanceFuerstinger

Now put in your password, it will be the first three letters in your first name with the first letter capitalized and then with no space put in your full last name. An example would be Steve Smith would have a password of SteSmith, now click login.

 This will pull up a new page welcoming you and at the top left corner you will see edit profile, click that and it will pull up your page. Now you can enter your important data. Please accurately update this information anytime it changes. Fill in as much data as possible. You will see there are columns for things like your address and phone and email etc.

 This is how we will contact you; it must be up to date. If it ever changes you need to update it immediately also email us and let us know. The vital information is only for Craze Agency and will never be given out to clients or anyone else except your phone number if the client needs to directly call you and they have our permission.

 If you are newer with Craze or it does not work give it about 7-14 days if it does not work then, email us at and we will put you in manually. Be patient we have been putting in over 100,000 statistics on all of you the last 7 months!

 After you have accurately entered all of your information you may change your password if you wish, so that no one except you and the agency can get into your information.   Please write down your password and save it, we do not have time to look up login and passwords!

 Finally after you have inputted all of your information you must scroll to the bottom of the page and SAVE CHANGES.

This is not part of the Craze Agency website. We have worked overtime to keep this as simple as possible. Please follow these directions we do not have time to direct you and answer questions, we want to spend our time promoting you.  Print a copy of this Email and save it in a safe place.

THE REMAINING PART OF THIS NOTICE IS A TOTALLY SEPARATE OPPORTUNITY THAT WE FEEL IS VERY BENEFICIAL!!! It will help you with increased exposure and the opportunity to be booked on more paying jobs! We highly recommend that you get on the Agency WEBSITE!

 Please read on for website information. If you have already paid to be on the website your info is already on the site.  If you are not on the site you can be added to the site for a one-time lifetime cost as long as you are in good standing with us and still represented by the Craze Agency. PLEASE CALL YOUR AGENT NOW TO RECEIVE THIS OFFER 801-438-0067 or 208-433-9511

This is an incentive special and the price will go back to $295 per year after July 31st , 2011 *This technology is very expensive and goes directly to the Webmaster  to create your section on the website and individual page. They also  continually maintain and improve the site. We highly encourage you to be on our website, most of our clients use the website constantly and we have seen a continual shift to using the Internet to get you auditions.

 Like everything we additionally offer the talent, it is not mandatory, but highly encouraged that you are on the website for us to promote you more effectively.

 Thanks for allowing us to promote you!  Craze Agency