Paradise (Non Union Feature - Thriller)
   Produced by: Oliver Guse & Max Makowski
   Directed by: Max Makowski
   Casting by: Matthew Lessall, CSA
   Shooting in: Batam Island, Indonesia

Casting OPEN WORLDWIDE; no nationality restrictions.

NON UNION production; rate of US $370 per day of shooting. Travel, meals, lodging & certain incidentals paid for by production. Please refer to the sides/audition document on each character description page for complete Rate & Deal.

Seeking different actors speaking ANY of the following 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Tagalog) for each of the roles indicated below.

     Casting         Online audition deadline: August 5, 2011 18:00 GMT

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1. You will need to self-tape the audition material and send to the Casting Director for consideration.
        Go to the Production Presentation page on the Let It Cast Website
        Click on the Home tab
        You will need to create an Actor Account (its free)
                    From there you can view the project, pick a character, sides, and read instructions on how to submit an Auditions tape.
Once you send in your Audition tape, the Casting Director will contact Craze if they are intersted in you for a Callback, etc.
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