Project:  “The New Testament” 

The LDS Church is entering early pre-production on a very large film project. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POSTING FOR DETAILS.

“The New Testament”

Based on the events of the New Testament, to be produced near Salt Lake City, UT. They are seeking a broad variety of cast who resemble the cultures and races represented within the scriptural account, namely: Semitic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and others of Middle Eastern/Southern European/North African origin.

Looking for ALL possible candidates for a variety of roles: Actors and Extras.  


Generally, they seek individuals with darker hair and eye color, olive or brown skin tone, the ability to grow a beard (for men), and other common Semitic characteristics are desired, although not required.


Near or far, they need you! They are currently exploring the possibility of providing food and lodging for those who may require it during the production. More information about this will be available late 2010.


All positions will be PAID based on their standard rate card.


Shooting begins Spring 2011. They are gathering cast and extras potentials now in order to alert participants to important benchmark dates and respond early to questions such as…

·        When do I start growing my hair?

·        Where and when will the productions take place so I can arrange my work schedule?

·        In which production(s) am I cast (or extra)?

·        What should I bring?  …wear?  …expect?

·        Where will I stay?

·        How long will I be needed?

·        How much will I be paid?

·        etc.


The hiring process for both active, worthy members of the LDS Church and non-member candidates remains consistent with previous practice. There are two paths by which a candidate may participate:

  1. As an employee: The LDS Church can only hire as employees members of the Church who are 'temple worthy', as determined by their ecclesiastical leader.

  2. As an independent contractor: Candidates who are affiliated with a legitimate talent agency or have an active business license can be contracted as independent contractors.

Proof of compliance with employment/contracting criteria will be obtained once contact has been made.


Please send an e-mail to If applying to be an Extra, your subject line should be “NT Extra.  If applying for a speaking role (cast), your subject line should be “NT Cast.  Actors applying for speaking roles should also include a current résumé.


Please include ALL the following information:

1)    Applicant’s Full Name and AGE (If applicant is a minor, please include parent’s or guardian’s full name and information);

2)    Current e-mail address(es);

3)    Current Phone Number(s) where applicant may be reached;

4)    City and State where you live;

5)    Are you with a talent agency?  If so, which one (include contact information).

6)    Are you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  (If not, please list your religious affiliation, if any. – This is not required.)

7)    Do you have a current business license? (yes/no)

8)    Two (2) Current Photos of applicant taken within the last 3 months:

 a.    One headshot, face forward;

 b.    One profile shot. 

These photos need to be close enough and of sufficient resolution to clearly see your entire face and hair: “.jpg” or “.bmp” formats are preferred.  Please save your files with the applicant’s NAME (ex. yourname_headshot.jpg).

Please submit your information AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The earlier you apply, the greater your chances of being included.

They will make every effort to inform you when your information has been received. Please be patient. It may require as much as four weeks to process your application.

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