Roles are available for an Independent Feature Film shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah- some pay, copy, & credit.

Jason Manning- Writer/Producer/Director. Shooting August 12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27,28, and Sept. 2,3,4.

Auditions will be held this Saturday, July 30 in Salt Lake City

Roles available and pay rate per role (pay is listed as a flat rate and NOT per day).

KENDRA- LEAD FEMALE- age range 25-35, huge acting range, slender, attractive, nudity, love scenes, implied drug use, 240 lines, Caucasian (pay negotiable) 

BUDDY- LEAD- in the band age 25-40 preferably black 30 lines guitar experience helpful ( pay $200.00).

DOC- LEAD- in the band intimidating age 25-40 73 lines (keyboard player) Caucasian (pay $200.00)

JERRY BERG- English accent age 40’s 75 lines Caucasian (pay $200.00)

YOUNG MARGO- age 8-10, 11 lines Caucasian (pay $50.00)

MARGO- age late 20's attractive slender Caucasian 40 lines (pay $100.00)

MAXINE WEY- LEAD- age 50's huge range! 95 lines (pay $200.00)

TREE- LEAD- fun attractive hippie chick age 20’s-30’s 74 lines Caucasian (pay $200.00)

WILLIAM FRANCO-  arrogant age 40’s 10 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

ANGELA-  ATTRACTIVE SNOB age 20’S 8 LINES any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

BLOND GROUPIE- ATTRACTIVE age 20’S 1 LINE (pay $25.00)

BRUNETTE GROUPIE- attractive age 20’s 1 line (pay $25.00)

BURT- redneck age 30’s 1 line (pay $25.00)

FAT JACK-  age 30’s 10 lines any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

GAY GUY- GOOD LOOKING FLAMBOYANT  20’s-30’s 2 SCENES 4 LINES Caucasian (pay $50.00)

GO GO GIRL- attractive 20’s 2 scenes 4 lines any ethnicity (pay $50.00)

GOLD DIGGER- attractive 30’s 2 scenes 7 lines Caucasian (pay $50.00)

GRANDFATHER- 60’s-70’s 13 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

HARLEY- stocky rough 30’s-40’s 3 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

HIPPIE GUY- any age 1 line any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

YOUNG JANNA- age 5-7, 2 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

JOHN (DAD)- 40’s 22 lines Caucasian (pay $50.00)

KYLE- 30’s fight scene 29 lines Caucasian ($50.00)

LUCY- English accent 20’s, 29 lines any ethnicity ($50.00)

MOMMA- redneck 50’s 9 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

PETER- pool player 20’s 19 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

PLAYER TWO- late 20’s 1 line any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

RICHARD- landlord 40’s 14 lines any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

RON- 30’s 1 line Caucasian (pay $25.00)

STAGE MANAGER- 40’s 2 lines any ethnicity (pay $25.00)

STUDIO TECH- any age 2 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

YOUNG TINA- age 6-9, 3 lines Caucasian (pay $25.00)

As audition times are filling up, the Director has asked that any Craze Agency Talent interested in auditioning for this film, send the following to Jason Manning at send in your:



    Role you are interested in

    Headshot and Resume

If he is interested in seeing you for an audition, he will contact you with available audition times, scripts, etc.



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