Title: A James Dean Kind of Thing
Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (15 min)
Location: Salt Lake City

Production Company: Glory Bagger Productions
Director: Dane Cannon (

Writer: Austin Rory Hackett (publications)
Producers: Carter Nelson (
imdb), Austin Rory Hackett

Auditions: August 1st & 4th. Whitmore Library (Right off the belt route @ 2000 East).
6-9 pm
Shooting: 2 days in the 3rd week of August. (probably August 19th & 20th)

Compensation: If they make anything, you will too (read: thin chance)

Synopsis: Otto has long been admiring Hannah from afar. Now he has enlisted the help of his best friend to pull a dramatic stunt that wins over the whole community. But all he cares about is winning Hannah.

Character Bios:

OTTO. Male. 20-26
Otto is the hero of the story. He has long been in love with Hannah from a distance, but has felt like she was untouchable. He is now ready to take drastic steps to win her over.

HANNAH. Female. 20-25
Hannah is the love interest in this story. She beautiful and charming, and Otto has long been admiring her from afar, along with every other guy in the city.

TYLER. Male. 20-26
Tyler is Otto's best friend. He tries to be a voice of reason, but is always going to be supportive and be Otto's sidekick through anything.

If you are interested in auditioning, please write at
cartermn06@gmail.com and let them know which day and time you could come, and what your previous experience (if any) is. A headshot would also be helpful.
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