Project:  Institute Changes You


The Church Audiovisual Department is producing a promotional video for the Church Educational System (CES) that will encourage high school graduates to enroll in Institute of Religion classes.

This will be a fun stylized piece with a look similar to the iPod commercials wherein the person listening to the iPod is a white silhouette on a colored background.


Female 17-25, fit/athletic with long hair (at least shoulder length)

Applicant needs to be able to climb, jump, and hang from a rope for a couple of minutes at a time.  (The activities will not put her in danger, but will be very physical.)  A gymnast or track athlete would be ideal.

There are no lines, so they will cast from photographs.


Tuesday, April 27th (full day shoot)


LDS Motion Picture Studio-Provo


$150- $200

All applicants must be temple worthy members of the LDS Church.

If you are interested, email or your:
We will submit your info. to casting for consideration. If chosen, we will contact you with additional shoot details.
We need your submission by Thursday, April 22, 11:00am.
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