Indie film company MasterMindz Entertainment is currently casting several roles from Boise, ID and the surrounding areas for a short film, entitled GYNECOLOGY: The Musical (working title). 

 MasterMindz has thousands of fans in our network and collective online views of over 2 million!

Story Breakdown:

Sara Peters is in for a surprise when she visits the gynecology office of Dr. Vanheimer for the first time. Hilarity and chaos ensues as the doctor gets to the bottom of things.


DR. VANHEIMER - Singing role. Male. 30-70 years old

SECRETARY - Singing role. Female. 25-40 years old

CUSTODIAN - Singing role. Male. 25-40 years old

SARA PETERS - Non-singing role. Speaking parts. Female. 18-35 years old

BOYFRIEND - Minor speaking role. Male. 18-35 years old

FIRST PATIENT - Non-speaking role. Female. 25-40 years old


Initial auditions will be held online. For audition material, email 

Your e-mail’s subject line should read: VanHeimer Audition

Please attach a head shot and resume in your e-mail, and include your name, age and location, and the role you would like to audition for. We will respond to your email as soon as possible with audition material and further instructions. If you can not e-mail us, or would rather have a personal audition, or if you have further questions, please e-mail us at the provided e-mail address.

This is a non-paying gig, but could serve for some good exposure for whomever is in involved, as we have a fairly decent sized online fan base, and also intend to push it to festivals. The production will be a high quality production. And at 6 minutes long, it's a quick enough gig that it doesn't require a huge time commitment. If casting fails with no pay offer, we will entertain the possibility of paying the talent

This is all the info. Craze currently has let us know if you book thanks!