We are now looking for talent for the upcoming horror film this summer.
Auditions will be most likely in a few weeks. We want to get a large amount of people first. Pay is back end upon distribution.
Roles Open: (ages don't have do be exact, just look close)

ALEXIS: A lawyer, stern, but a hidden side that makes her alluring. She ends up being a villian in the end. (25-35)
BARRETT: Overweight man that is laughable and fun. He cracks under pressure though and freaks out. (22-32)
CABIN CHIEF: British Accent, Think the Bellboy from 4 rooms, quirky and weird. Ends up evil in the end. (30-45)
CANDICE: College athlete, In shape, self centered, hot and knows it. (19-24)
HOODED CREATURE: Depraved, Painted white skin, Tall (any age)
DAVID: Writer, Akward, Always carries his pen and pad. Kinda hipster, glasses. (27-36)
EVE: Mother on her way to see her son, Naturally beautiful, Busty, Long dark hair. (22-33)
GABRIEL: Older woman, senile, grayish hair, sees things that the others dont (45-60)
HARPER: Military girl, Tattoos, Hard Headed and rough. Organized. (24-32)
JOSEPH: Respectable man from Guana Africa, accent, Tall and built. (28-35)
LEON: A world traveler and half cowboy, has attitude, cocky, a hidden leader (28-36)
LOUIS: Loves his wife more then anything, Timid, avoids confrontation (30-40)
MADISON: College girl, nerdy, does anything Candice wants, smart but sexy (19-24)
OLIVIA: A Pyschiatrist, watches over Gabriel, medical skills and caring, dresses very plain (22-30)
PAULINA: Louis wife, complains about anything, hates everyone and this trip (26-33)
YAMA: A bald monk sworn to silence, later found to be a villian. (30-45)

If you are interested in being submitted for the audition email us back at
4-Put Boise Horror film in email header

We will submit you and let you know.