Last week casting held auditions in St. George for the Mormon Messages project entitled, “Good Things To Come.”  They were not able to find a satisfactory candidate for the role of Elder Holland.  

The age we’re searching for is 25-35—like the photo with his wife and son.  If you bear a good resemblance to Elder Holland, and you are an active, temple worthy member of the LDS Church, they would be interested in audition you.

At the bottom of this posting are photos of Jeffrey Holland.

When: Auditions held, Wednesday, April 7th 2:00pm-5:30pm

Where: Provo, Utah

Shoot Dates: April 12th and 13th in St. George- travel, food and lodging will be paid

Rate: $350/day

If you are interested and fit the look, email or your:



We will email you additional info. if selected.

We need your submission no later than Wednesday, April 7, 12:00pm

Craze Agency