A twisted tale of girl meets boy, girl manipulates boy, boy likes girl, girl 'kind of' likes boy, boy angry at girl, boy follows girl around, and finally boy and girl have terrifying revelations about each other in a dangerous confrontation. The story of what should NOT happen in any relationship: How overconfident (but is secretly vulnerable) Eliza is encouraged into making a bet to take advantage of Max, a boy with a troubled life who is trying to do right.

Production Company: Dark Water Productions
Casting Director: Helen McCready


Compensation: Copy, Meal, Credit

Where: Casting Call Entertainment 2790 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas NV 89121
When: Wednesday July 27, 2011 from 4pm to 7pm

Eliza - (Any ethnicity, late teens-early 20's) Intelligent, but overconfident girl that allows her friends to dictate her actions. She is capable of being a good person who thinks for herself, but relies too much on the opinions of others to stay popular. Can emote intense, but real emotion when confronted with great dangers.


Sam - (Any ethnicity, early 20's) Snobby, manipulative girl that likes to push others around. The leader of the "four girl clique." Very devilish in her ability to say just the right set of words in order to get others to comply. Likes sunglasses.


Girl #2 - (Any ethnicity, late teens) A somewhat friendly girl, but a push over. Allows Sam to walk all over her. Admires Eliza, but is too caught up in the clique to do the right thing. Is very fond of necklaces.


Girl #3- (Any ethnicity, late teens) A ditzy girl that does not have a mind of her own. She simply follows the others, says random things to fit in, and has the lowest self-esteem of all of the girls. Likes earrings.


Tim - (Caucasian, early 40's) The uncle of Max. An intimidating and handsome man who will now allow Max to forget his wrongdoings. He is attractive to the girls, but also exerts an uncomfortable creepiness due to his ability to be too direct. Confrontational, but subtle in his warnings.


Extras will be in the restaurant scenes and party scenes.


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