As most of you know the Craze Agency database is a database we use to sort all of our talents and submit them if you fit the description and qualifications that our clients are looking for on each different job.

Our public website is totally different.

The website will help greatly increase your odds with increased exposure and the opportunity to be booked on more paying jobs both locally and nationally!

We get quite a few direct bookings just from photos and resumes of the website!!!!

We highly recommend that you get on the WEBSITE!

If you have already paid to be on the website you do not need to read any further just keep your resume updated and let us know you did!.

If you call today your agent today at 801-438-0067 or 208-4339511 they can give you a one-time lifetime cost to be added to the site as long as you are in good standing with us and still represented by the Craze Agency. This is an incentive special and a fantastic deal and you must act before 7-13-12

The price will go back to $295 per year after July 13th. (This discount does not apply to previous purchases)

*This technology is very expensive and goes directly to the Webmaster to create your section on the website and individual page you can give to clients or the public. They also continually maintain and improve the site, we are currently adding some fantastic new features to the site.

Once you are on you will have your own web address that you can give to anyone here are some examples.

We highly encourage you to be on our website, most of our clients use the website constantly and we have seen a continual shift to using the Internet to get you auditions. Like everything we additionally offer the talent, it is not mandatory, but highly encouraged that you are on the website for us to promote you more effectively.

Please call your agent today at 801-438-0067 or 208-433-9511 to reserve your spot.

Craze Agency