We’re reaching out because we’re working on casting a new major cable network series that wants to give grooms and their best guy friends the ultimate BACHELOR PARTY. (Think sporty, high-end adventures, not Vegas and strippers!) 


We thought you might have some friends, family, coworkers or clients who are probably about to get married and might be interested in this opportunity to enjoy an epic adventure with the boys before tying the knot!


The series will be produced by Zero Point Zero, the award-winning production company behind hit shows such as Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Parts Unknown, and Brew Masters, and will help groups of guy friends give their soon-to-be-married buddy the ultimate bachelor send-off!

This isn’t about strip clubs and casinos - if you and your buddies are more Anthony Bourdain or Jon Stewart and less Jersey Shore, and want to cement your brotherhood with one last unforgettable adventure just for the boys before the groom gets hitched, we can hook it up!


Whether you want to jump out of planes, have a private poker game with hand-rolled cigars, live in a three-day paint gun battle or a scavenger hunt – we’ll try to make your bachelor party legendary.

If you're a group of creative, high-energy, hilarious guys ready for a crazy tricked-out bachelor throw-down, please get in touch ASAP at 
bachelorpartyshow@gmail.com or apply at http://bit.ly/1Eg4iq8

Please let Craze know if cast thanks!