We are very dedicated  to promoting our serious talent and have came up with a fantastic way  to get each individual we promote a massive amount  of exposure and publicity at an exponential rate far exceeding the local and even national competition!

 To motivate you to update your resume on our website we will be promoting your individual page every time you update your resume on our website.  You first must be on the paid website www.crazeagency.com it is different than the database. If you are not sure of the  difference between the database and website, please  read the whole posting it will explain it clearly.

Once you are on the website www.crazeagency.com we will then just have you email us a notification that you have updated your resume on your individual webpage to craze@crazeagency.com

Once we receive it and check it out we then will post  it on Facebook, Tweet and many of our various sites alerting the world and our clients to visit your webpage. Thousands if not tens of thousands of people will see your photos and resume!!!!

Here are just a few examples of the sites we will promote it on these all also link back to www.crazeagency.com !





Please only alert us when you update your resume. We really prefer that you contact your agent if you plan on updating your photos also!!!

Here is the information on the Website.


As most of you know the Craze Agency database is a database we use to sort all of our talents and submit them if you fit the description and qualifications that our clients are looking for on each different job.

Our public website www.crazeagency.com is totally different.

The website will help greatly increase your odds with increased exposure and the opportunity to be booked on more paying jobs both locally and nationally!