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$1000 COMPENSATION for participants



*Are you searching for your LONG LOST LOVE?

*Regret messing up with your shot with the perfect guy/girl?

*Lose touch with a special someone you met abroad?

*Need help with reconnecting with "The one that got away"?


A documentary series is looking to reunite lost loves.  If you APPEAR to be between the ages of 21-40 and would like to take an all-expenses paid journey to find a lost love or crush from your past, we want to hear from you!


If your lost love is HARD TO FIND and you're chosen, we will FIND THEM and help you find the courage to RECONNECT


If you have a story to share please send us ALL info below to lance.crazeagency@gmail.com


1) Name

2) Phone Number

3) Email Address

4) Age

5) City you live in

6) **Photo of yourself & IF possible a photo of your lost love

7) Tell us a little bit about your story!