11th Street Productions (16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom) is casting a new show profiling inspirational stories with the goal of opening people's eyes, minds, and hearts to what truly makes each of us unique. K. Malone, prod. Shoot starts late July/early August at a location TBD. Casting nationwide.

Seeking—Males and Females with Lifestyle Stories: late teens to mid-20s. Producers ask: "Have you been shunned by those closest to you because of your lifestyle choices or simply for being you? Have you been abandoned by community or friends because of what you believe?" Examples include being kicked out by your parents because of your political beliefs or sexual orientation, or who you are dating, turned away from church or community because of your religion, alienated by your friends for any number of reasons.

Email pix, your name, age, location, and contact phone and email to
pcasting11@gmail.com. Some pay provided.
Please let Craze know if they are interested! Thanks