Reach For The Stars-Paying

11 year old Mackenzie Kress may be small and skinny for her age, but the kid can tumble like nobody’s business. She lives in a big house with Connor, her father and coach, and dreams not of the Olympics or thousands of victories, but of simply living a better life. The ‘Reach For The Stars Gymnastics Tournament’, with its $50,000 cash prize, is her way out. But while Mackenzie improves on every aspect of gymnastics, Connor struggles to make ends meet. Mackenzie finds herself torn between wanting to pursue her own dreams and wanting to help the man who made those dreams possible.


Mackenzie Kress- main role. She is an exciting 11 year old gymnast with an amazing amount of talent. Nicknamed “Kenzie” by her friends. Girl who plays this role must be exciting and able to memorize lines well. She can be between the ages of 8-12. Good actress and very good gymnast. *dancing and gymnastics experience is expected*

Savannah- Mackenzie’s best friend. She is also a gymnast, but shy. She has good heart and would do anything for her best friends, even if it means loosing a tournament. (8-12 years old)

Abigail- Mackenzie and Savannah’s friend. Not a gymnast. She is funny and really energetic. (8-12 years old)

Megan- Mackenzie’s top rival at the national tournaments. Must be a very good gymnast/dancer. Preferably long hair. (8-12 years old)

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