Casting "By Light of Desert Night," a road trip thriller. Synopsis: "When three girlfriends take a bachelorette camping trip into the desert, an unknown force ensures that secrets are revealed, deceptions are punished, and their lives will never be the same again."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and shoots Spring 2015 in L.A.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $3000 for lead roles, which is for one wk. of rehearsal and two wks. shooting; rate TBD for supporting roles; meals and travel provided.

    April (Lead): Female, 21-26, Caucasian -the ultimate all American sweetheart, blonde, beautiful, cheerleader type, academically gifted, middle class, just out of college,
 Suzy (Lead): Female, 21-26, All Ethnicities- an enigma, on the one hand she's fortunate enough to have been blessed with the looks and ability that allowed her to go through high school... more
    Beth (Lead): Female, 21-26, African American, Hispanic, Asian- a beautiful girl coming from a difficult working class upbringing, she's sassy, confidant, very likable, very popular with everyone; was a s... more
    Richie (Supporting): Male, 21-26, Caucasian one of those guys who has the looks and the athletic ability and just enough charm to get around without needing too much academically, howe... more
    Cop 1 (Day Player): Male, 30-45, All Ethnicities  one of two capable dynamic police officers who are first on the scene of a suspected murder.
   Cop 2 (Day Player): Male, 30-45, All Ethnicities one of two capable dynamic police officers who are first on the scene of a suspected murder.
    Desert Dude 1 (Day Player): Male, 40-60, Caucasian-hostile man in the desert, face full of dark menace.
    Desert Dude 2 (Day Player): Male, 35-45, Caucasian strange sidekick to hostile man in the desert, a menacing, desperate quality in his face.
Native American Artist (Day Player): Male, 50+, Native American  a darkly forbidding older man selling his paintings, wise, experienced, knowing.
 Gas Station Cashier (Day Player): Male, 25-33, All Ethnicitie   a typical slacker behind the cash till.


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