This may or may not appeal to everyone but I feel as a good agent it is my job to let you know opportunities that talent are becoming successful with. As you probably know our main focus is on finding quality acting, modeling , extra and talent opportunities for our talent! That will always be our first priority. Over the last year  I have received hundreds of inquiries from the major TV networks and programmers about finding really interesting people for reality TV.  Some of the talent on these shows have parlayed this exposure to greater heights! These shows can pay well!
Some are of a really positive nature or just fun (American Pickers, Pawn Stars, competition shows etc) others are more of the create drama or just goofy types ( Housewives, Road Rules, Honey Boo Boo etc.)

These can lead to being on one episode, or being part of a series or having an actual show about you. We make no judgements either way but want to book you if you want the opportunity!
If this is something you maybe interested in please just email us your story.

Email me at
2-In detail why you would be a great subject to appear in a reality series. Be honest and give your pitch. This is not for one specific show but for us to keep on file when clients ask us who we have.
4-Put Reality in email header

We will do our best and contact you with interested!